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The Death of Anxiety Driven Ministry

The Death of Anxiety Driven Ministry

Pastors, teachers, and other church workers often fight the message of death, the same message that was given to Peter by Jesus. It’s a message that permeates throughout the lives of those fellow-laborers with Paul, and the message itself has terrible and beautiful effects, not the least of which is a heaping load of anxiety and depression along with emotions of immense pleasure. Take a journey with the author as he measures the effects of an anxiety-driven ministry. What happens to a family when it is set at odds against “the ministry”? What happens to pastors when they are set at odds against each other in their ministries? Is it possible to recover from overwhelming anxiety in the parish ministry? Do congregations die and rise when they kill and repent? The author demonstrates that, in it all, there is the presence of a God who kills and makes alive, who dies and rises with us.


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