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The Death of Anxiety Driven Ministry

The Death of Anxiety Driven Ministry

Pastors, teachers, and other church workers often fight the message of death, the same message that was given to Peter by Jesus. It’s a message that permeates throughout the lives of those fellow-laborers with Paul, and the message itself has terrible and beautiful effects, not the least of which is a heaping load of anxiety and depression along with emotions of immense pleasure. Take a journey with the author as he measures the effects of an anxiety-driven ministry. What happens to a family when it is set at odds against “the ministry”? What happens to pastors when they are set at odds against each other in their ministries? Is it possible to recover from overwhelming anxiety in the parish ministry? Do congregations die and rise when they kill and repent? The author demonstrates that, in it all, there is the presence of a God who kills and makes alive, who dies and rises with us.


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A list of Vacant LCMS congregations.  It’s quite lengthy…

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This one I like

Normally I don’t may much attention to Convention overtures, but this one I like.

3-03 To Partner and Support Raising Children
in Christian Faith
Whereas, God desires for all people to be saved; and

Whereas, The Church is the Body of Christ and is given the
responsibility to go and make disciples of all nations; and

Whereas, God has given the privilege and responsibility to parents
to raise their children in the Christian faith; and

Whereas, The church has made it a practice to take over the
instruction of children in the faith; and

Whereas, Parents have become accustomed to this practice; and

Whereas, Many parents do not feel equipped to teach their children
to live in the Christian faith; therefore be it

Resolved, That the LCMS recognize that the church has contributed
to taking away the responsibility and support from parents,
which has contributed to the decline of young people in the church;                   (Ouch!  Glad somebody finally said it.)
and be it further

Resolved, That the LCMS direct the youth, children, and family
ministries office to explore methods for the church body to partner
and support parents rather than replace parents as the primary faith
influencers in their children’s lives; and be it further

Resolved, That the LCMS designate funding for current research
in successful ministries worldwide that partner and support rather
than replace parents as primary faith influencers in their children’s
lives; and be it further

Resolved, That Concordia Publishing House create current
resources that integrate this partnership throughout the stages and
ages of children’s lives for congregations to access to enhance this
partnership; and be it further

Resolved, That the LCMS designate funding for curriculum and
resource development that exemplify the partnership between homes
and the church; and be it finally

Resolved, That a concentrated effort be made to offer training and
conferences adaptable to the different areas of the country in order
to equip congregations and families in supporting parents and raising
children in the faith.

King of Glory
Williamsburg, VA

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