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Youth Ministry’s Family Blind Spot

Youth Ministry’s Family Blind Spot.


We are in the process of beginning a “family style” Sunday school in our church.  I am spearheading the effort.  The pastor is on board mainly because the guy who used to teach the adult Bible class for 30 years recently died and there is no one willing to take his place.  (It’s a dual parish, so Pastor has to drive to the other congregation during Sunday school time.)  In addition, there are less than 10 “kids” who attend, all of them except one are confirmed already.  And they miss a lot of classes because their two teachers miss church every other week…So we’re going to combine everyone and do it as a family.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.  We homeschool, and we understand the mistake churches are making by separating everyone by age groups (it’s a mistake in school too.)  The pastor doesn’t understand how it will work but I’ll make him a believer soon, I hope!


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